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Proactive, mitigation-minded defense to a CA drunk driving charge

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | DUI |

Here’s a question for San Diego drivers and other motorists across Southern California: Whose best interests does a state prosecutor have in mind in a drunk driving case?

Quick and easy (and, admittedly, quite obvious) answer: not yours.

Indeed, a California prosecutor acting in the wake of a DUI police report will unquestionably be focused on a case outcome that spells maximum punitive consequences for any defendant. If you face a drunk driving charge in California, expect a formal response from the state that is focused on a flatly adverse outcome.

It doesn’t necessarily have to end that way, though, which is a reality we feel compelled to spotlight at the proven criminal defense Law Offices of Mark Deniz in San Diego. DUI-linked sanctions in a given case are often far from preordained. In fact, timely, aggressive and knowledgeable DUI defense strategy can often soften the enforcement blow for an alleged offender considerably.

And sometimes altogether in cases where fundamental flaws are uncovered in evidence gathered and submitted by state authorities.

We strive diligently in every DUI case to spotlight any such defects, pushing always for optimal outcomes for every one of our diverse and valued clients. We underscore on our website that our deep legal team “will take proactive steps from day one to ensure that we build strong, mitigating evidence to present to the prosecutor and to the judge.”

Here is a point that California DUI defendants should note well, and one we seek to emphasize: Prosecutors often turn out to be far more conciliatory in drunk driving cases when they can readily see that an accused offender’s attorney knows the proverbial ropes and is fully prepared to offer up an aggressive and informed defense.

We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to help mitigate the legal challenges that a DUI defendant faces.

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