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San Diego DUI Defense Attorney explains on getting a Restricted License after a San Diego DUI Driving Under the Influence charge. Keep yourself on the road.

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Firm News |

One of the biggest concerns someone has after a DUI arrest is what will happen with their driver’s license.  If you are facing license suspense, you may be able to obtain a restricted driver’s license.  A DUI case usually has two distinct parts, divided between the criminal court and the California DMV.  Depending on your driving record and prior DMV actions, the consequences for a person’s driver’s license can vary significantly.  You want to contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at 858-751-4384.  You have 10 days from the arrest to challenge the automatic suspension.

Where to begin?

First, you want to obtain an experienced DUI attorney with a track record of proven results.  As a former prosecutor and award-winning attorney, the Law Offices of Mark Deniz will stay the automatic suspension of the DMV within the 10-day window.  Shortly thereafter, you want to SUBPOENA the videos and demand the discovery the DMV is required to provide once you take the challenge.  The length and nature of suspension will depend on whether you have had any previous DUI arrests and if your license was suspended in those cases.

Next, you want to conduct a DMV APS hearing.  For the purposes of this information, let us assume the DMV sustained the suspension and your driver’s license will be due to be suspended.  You should be prepared for this and have what you need to obtain a restricted/provisional driver’s license.

Restricted License

There are several directions to obtain a restricted license.  It depends on which situations fit your life and the facts of your case.  In most situations, someone is able to keep driving without interruption.  The key is to contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz to navigate you to keep you on the road and get the best possible outcome at 858-751-4384.

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