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Proven Approach With Results Forged Through Experience

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San Marcos Expungement Attorney. Be proactive. Former Prosecutor has proven approach with results forged through experience. Lawyer expla ins how to obtain the Best Possible Outcome. Proven Approach with results forged by Experience.

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Leave Your Past Where It Belongs
Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance.
At Premier Domestic Violence Law Group, we have seen how good people can find themselves on the wrong side of domestic violence charges. All it takes is one misunderstanding, one poor decision, one heated moment and one phone call to the police. Putting yourself in a bad situation once should not result in you being kneecapped for the rest of your life as you pursue opportunities to better yourself and make a living for your family.
If you have been convicted of domestic violence or a related offense in the San Diego area, you can rely on us to pursue options such as expungement and record sealing that allow you to focus on the present and your future without being held back by your record. You have paid your debt and deserve this opportunity to build a better future. Call Premier Law Group at 619-736-3375 to get your past in the past.

Full-Service Representation From A Former Prosecutor
The key to getting the second chance you deserve is having an attorney you can trust to look out for you in every way possible. From proactive defense during your case to cleaning up your records after your case, you can trust us to pursue the best possible outcome for you. We are led by Mark Deniz, a former criminal prosecutor who has helped many clients improve their lives via:

These are all important tools in paving the way for a better future. Failure to act can leave you in a poor position, weighed down by arrest or conviction records that torpedo your employment opportunities and diminish your standing in the community. We believe that you should not be defined by a single incident for the rest of your life; we look forward to helping you clear your name and live your best life.
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We can help you put your past where it belongs: in the past. Call 619-736-3375 to discuss your options in a free consultation with a proven criminal defense attorney.

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