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San Diego DUI driving under the influence lawyer VC23152 goes into how charges can get reduced mitigate and best possible outcome

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Happy Holidays.  Christmas Eve Eve. I was reading this great article, and felt it would be good to write.  I love history and it is such a part of our culture.

In it, they wrote that “beer is as old as history — and by some counts, even older. Many experts assert that the emergence of Sumerian cuneiform in the fourth millennium BCE marks the beginning of recorded history. Similarly, the first hard evidence of beer brewing also comes from the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, in a town called Godin Tepe (now part of Iran). In 1992, archaeologists there discovered traces of beer in jar fragments dated around 3500 BCE. However, some scholars suggest that beer is as old as grain agriculture itself — which would put the boozy beverage’s invention at around 10,000 BCE, somewhere in the Fertile Crescent.”

So how does this information help a client in a San Diego driving under the influence DUI matter?

The government makes mistakes and does not have sufficient evidence to prove its case.  In these cases it can, it is vital to show the character of the client.  In addition, it is important to show the client has a history of making good decisions.  Since DUI cases are often someone making the bad decision to drive after drinking, it is important to establish good decision-making.

The decision to drink may have been due to coping with the stresses of life.  A death, breakup, or financial stress are all normal factors that lead people to make an unwise decision.

That decision is as old as time.  It crosses all cultures, socio-economics, etc.

It is part of the story of the client.  When working with prosecutors, random information like this can find itself useful.  If you find yourself facing DUI charges in San Diego county, contact our firm at (858) 751-4384.

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DUI: 101 Get On The Road To The Best Possible Outcome by Mark L. Deniz, Esq.
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