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Alicia Freeze

About Alicia

Alicia C. Freeze has been licensed to practice law since 2011. She is fierce and compassionate in her role as an advocate for her clients, whether it be in defending clients being charged with criminal offenses, responding to false allegations in restraining orders, or obtaining protective orders for abused and harassed clients. The key to Attorney Freeze’s success is her ability to be proactive, and prepare extensive factual evidence to support her position, while also using the law as both her shield and her sword in the protection of her clients.

She has extensive experience in defending against restraining orders in all four courthouses in San Diego, as well as petitioning the courts for protection of her clients in restraining orders. Restraining Order cases include Civil Harassment Restraining Orders involving neighbor disputes or issues between non-family members; Domestic Violence Restraining Orders between family members or intimate partners; Elder Abuse Restraining Orders where the Petitioner is over 65 years of age; Workplace Violence Restraining Orders where the harassment and/or abuse occurred in an employment setting or Home Owner’s Association (HOA); and Gun Violence Restraining Orders where the incident involves the unlawful use of a firearm. Attorney Freeze has handled every scenario you can imagine and is ready and willing to help you in your situation, no matter how complex.

Alicia is one of a long line of college student-athletes who have worked at the firm. Alicia was a standout Lacrosse player at Michigan State University.  She helped the Spartans gain notoriety.

“Alicia is unflappable.  She can handle situations that others would falter.  She has a fire to help her clients and succeed.  That determination is taken note by prosecutors and judges.  The end result is best possible outcomes and solutions for the client.  We are lucky to have her on our team.”