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Mark L. Deniz, Esq.

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing a criminal charge is always serious, and you always have the right to retain an attorney. Even if you qualify for representation from a public defender, you should strongly consider the added value of a private lawyer. It is not just your criminal record that is on the line. Your entire future, including job opportunities, loan eligibility, freedom and parental rights (if you have children), is placed in serious jeopardy. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, hiring a cost-effective criminal defense lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible is critical. I serve clients from Chula Vista to Oceanside. At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, I offer a free case evaluation, competitive pricing and affordable payment plans. I am dedicated to securing your best possible outcome in the criminal justice system and vigorously protecting your rights in the process.

Proactive Defense | Custom-Tailored Strategy

The best defense is a good offense. From day one, as my client, I will independently and thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case. I will collaborate with experts in fields ranging from ballistics to law enforcement procedures to examine the particulars of your unique case and build a compelling case to mitigate the consequences that you face. You likely have several legal options that we can discuss in detail when we meet. All conversations are confidential, and I maintain the highest possible level of discretion in my legal services. By being proactive, we will take the appropriate steps together to achieve your best possible outcome.

As a defense attorney and former veteran prosecutor with over 10 years of experience, I have handled hundreds of jury trials, hundreds of motions and hearings, and thousands of cases.

My unique knowledge and perspective in the district attorney’s and city attorney’s offices have provided me with specialized training and firsthand experience with prosecution techniques. I handle all cases that my firm takes on myself, I help you effectively navigate the complex California judicial system and minimize the consequences of:

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Personalized, Aggressive Representation

Together, we take full advantage of the time between your arrest and initial court date. We set the stage for your best possible outcome. Please email me or call 858-429-9982 to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation with me, attorney Mark Deniz.

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