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Award-Winning Misdemeanor Defense In San Diego

Anyone who tries to tell you that it is “just a misdemeanor” does not understand the gravity of your situation. A misdemeanor conviction can result in serious penalties including fines, probation, personal or professional license suspensions and jail time. Misdemeanor convictions are also accompanied by collateral consequences such as professionals, students and people who need security clearances for their jobs. A misdemeanor can continue to wreak havoc on background checks long after you have paid your debt and served your sentence, whether you are applying for a job or seeking a position as a youth sports coach.

How can you protect yourself from the harsh consequences of a misdemeanor? It begins with getting the right attorney on your side. At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, we offer defense representation from a former prosecutor who focuses exclusively on criminal cases, employing a proven approach with results forged through experience. Get the ball rolling on your defense by calling 858-429-9982 for a free consultation.

What Are The Most Common Misdemeanors In San Diego?

Misdemeanors in California are crimes that carry a maximum sentence of up to one year in county jail. However, misdemeanors are about more than a court date; they represent a life-changing threat that requires representation from an experienced and proven criminal defense attorney throughout all stages of your case. Choosing the right attorney will help you put the circumstances of your arrest behind you and move forward with confidence.

Some of the most common misdemeanor charges in California are:

  • Disorderly conduct or resisting arrest, PC 148(a)(1)
  • Hit-and-run, VC 20002(a)
  • Weapons charges, such as PC 25850 or other
  • Domestic violence, such as PC 243(a) or PC 273.5
  • Driving on a suspended license, VC14601
  • DUI, VC 23152
  • Petty theft, PC 484
  • Public intoxication, PC 647(f)
  • Solicitation and prostitution PC647(b)
  • Vandalism, PC 594

Are you facing felony charges? It may be possible to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor with the help of a skilled defense lawyer.

A Dual-Track Approach To Misdemeanor Defense

Our firm prepares every case for every possibility, leaving no stone unturned in protecting the interests of our clients. We take a dual approach to cases with an eye toward achieving a dismissal or negotiating the best resolution possible. By building a strong case for having charges dismissed, we strengthen our negotiating position and vice versa. The three components of our dual-track case approach are:
  • Proactive plan: Getting tasks done ahead of time to demonstrate accountability
  • Case defense: Examining the facts and evidence
  • Let the court know who you are: Letting the prosecution and judge know your story

One track is not enough when your rights, reputation and future are on the line.

Get The Best Possible Outcome In Your Misdemeanor Case

At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, it is always our working goal to achieve the best possible outcome for every client, whether that is achieving a dismissal through diversion, using mitigation packets to negotiate a favorable plea or pursuing a not guilty verdict at trial. The best possible outcome is achieved by being proactive, not reactive. The proactive plan often starts with presenting information about our client to the prosecutor and the court. You can rely on our proven attorneys to make sure your side of the story is told with the help of pictures, videos, character letters, resumes and other documentation. This approach is informed by the experience of Mark Deniz, a former prosecutor who has been on the other side of these crucial cases.
You need a trained and experienced eye examining the facts and evidence of your case in order to build the strongest possible defense. We have represented hundreds of clients facing criminal charges, achieving exceptional outcomes due to our combination of experience and remarkable legal skills. Contact our firm online or call 858-429-9982 today to put our experience and skill on your side.