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Proven Approach With Results Forged Through Experience

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Proven Approach with results forged through Experience. 

The Stages Of A Misdemeanor Case

STAGE 1: Arraignment

  • Attorney can usually appear for the client (in most circumstances)
  • Enter not guilty plea
  • Demand Discovery
  • Set Readiness conference
  • Hold Preliminary Negotiations
  • Bail and OR Conditions may be argued.

STAGE 2: Bail Review (in some circumstances)

  • 3 days after arraignment
  • Motion to reduce bail if client is still in custody
  • Bring witnesses & docs
  • O.R. Release or post bail
  • Vacate or keep court dates

STAGE 3: Readiness Conference

  • First earnest chance of settlement
  • Case discussed with judge and prosecutor
  • Motions filed

STAGE 4: Motions

  • Argue relevant pre-trial motions
  • Finalize Trial Strategy
  • Prepare trial motions
  • Prepare trial exhibits

STAGE 5: Jury Trial

  • Trial Motions
  • Jury Selection
  • Opening Statements
  • Cross-examination of prosecution witnesses
  • 1118 Motion
  • Defense case
  • Closing Statements
  • Case to the Jury