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We Will Make Sure Your Story Is Heard

Good people make mistakes, and honorable people find themselves on the wrong side of domestic violence charges. All it takes is one heated argument, one bad day, one wrong move or a combination of the three. Once the cops are called to a domestic dispute, chances are good that someone is going to jail and charged with domestic violence.

At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, we know you are more than a case number or a domestic assault charge. You are a person with goals, aspirations and accomplishments. You may be a loving spouse or father, a pillar of the community or the neighbor everyone trusts to keep an eye on their home while they are on vacation. Part of our job as your defense attorneys is to make sure the prosecutor and the judge know the real story of who you are, not just the story of the worst day of your life.

Write A New Ending To An All-Too Familiar Script

The following has played out far too many times at residences in San Diego and throughout California: A couple argues, the police are called, someone (usually the man) is hauled to jail, charges are issued and the play ends with a tragic criminal conviction that changes a life forever.

Believe it or not, many domestic violence cases never get as far as the arraignment. This means there is a window of opportunity to act proactively with the goal of achieving a dismissal. A mitigation packet can be the first step in that process once you have obtained legal representation. Our firm is led by a former prosecutor who can speak the language of the prosecution and provide them with the information necessary to consider a more positive outcome to your situation.

Once you put us on your side, we will focus our efforts on creating a mitigation packet. We will do all the legwork, including reaching out to your accuser or lining up any necessary treatment, and counseling for substance abuse or anger management. Not only can these actions help you avoid criminal charges, but they will also provide you with the tools to be the best version of yourself once this unfortunate situation is behind you.

Putting The Mitigation Into Mitigation Packets

When the rubber hits the pavement, it is important to lay out all the exonerating evidence that exists in your case and present it to the prosecution in the language they speak. They are extremely busy with high caseloads, so we make an effort to create mitigation packets that are easy to digest and include all potentially exonerating information such as:

  • Evidence that you are being falsely accused
  • Evidence that you are being accused as a result of a child custody dispute
  • Your accuser stands to gain control of your residence if you are under a restraining order.
  • Evidence that you acted in justifiable self-defense
  • A history of being subjected to chronic abuse and cruelty by your accuser
  • Evidence that you acted in the heat of passion such as a love triangle hitting the fan
  • Evidence that you were acting to protect your children or pets
  • Information that undermines the credibility of your accuser or shines a light on their poor character
  • Witness testimony on your behalf
  • Your accuser’s history of mental instability or psychiatric problems
  • Evidence that your accuser was under the influence of drugs that distorted their perception of reality
  • Your accuser’s history with social services
  • Evidence of injuries you suffered as a result of the altercation
  • Evidence that you believed your life was in danger, resulting in fear and panic

There is a reason this has not happened before, and we will paint that picture in a way that improves your chances of achieving the best possible outcome in your domestic violence case.

Do Not Wait Another Day

You cannot act too early to defend yourself in the face of domestic violence charges. The first step is putting a proven criminal defense lawyer on your side. Call 858-429-9982 for a free consultation with a former criminal prosecutor who is committed to protecting your rights or contact the firm online.