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Client Testimonials & Proven Results

Outcome of case: Dismissed…

First time Drug DUI
April 2022

Outcome of case: Wet Reckless…

First time DUI, .14% BAC
April 2022

Outcome of case: No custody, No ankle monitoring…

2nd time DUI
April 2022

He took care of me…

I had a DUI charge with a high blood alcohol level. I wanted trial unless there was a situation that worked for me. Mark kept me informed of every step along the way. We pushed for trial. After several hearings and two days before trial the DA calls us with an offer I could not refuse. Mark was ready for trial and I only took the offer because it was that good. Our defense was ready for trial. I felt that he was always one step ahead. You cannot go wrong with him.

Commendable attorney, positive results…

I was accused of taking items from a popular department store. They say I took expensive items so the dollar amount was high. The prosecutor charged burglary and theft. Mr. Deniz met with us and gathered character letters from people who know me. He met with prosecutors and told them about me. He got me started before the meeting with volunteer work. By the second hearing, they were willing to dismiss the case in a few months. I knew I made a mistake and took responsibility for it. However, Mr. Deniz ensured the event would not harm her down the road. He was great.

Reduced fine and probation with no jail…

I was lucky to find Mark. I was scared about losing my job from this. Mark resolved the matter without me losing my job or too much skin off my back. He always communicated with me and let me know I was a priority. I hope never to be in a bind again, but if I am I am calling him.

Outcome of case: Dry Reckless

DUI with a Prior
May 2022

Outcome of case: Wet Reckless

Second time DUI, with BAC .22%
May 2022

Outcome of case: Wet Reckless

DUI, with a BAC of .15%
May 2022

Outcome of case: Dismissed

Penal Code 243(e), Battery on Spouse/Significant Other
May 2022

Outcome of case: Dismissed

Felony Domestic Violence
May 2022

Outcome of case: Dismissed after classes

Domestic Violence/Criminal Threats
May 2022

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DUI 101:

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The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Most criminal defense attorneys wait until hearing dates or until the prosecutor offers a plea bargain before taking action on your case. This is reactive and ineffective. You cannot afford to settle for less than the absolute maximum effort to minimize the impact of an arrest.

At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, we take a proactive approach that doesn’t waste time waiting for an initial court date. Mr. Deniz, a former prosecutor, will immediately begin reviewing the facts of your case to identify any weaknesses that can be used against the prosecution.

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An Award-Winning Former Prosecutor 

Mr. Deniz has extensive training in all areas of criminal law, including evidence, trial technique and felony sentencing. His knowledge of how prosecutors approach their cases and the flexibility they have is an important asset that frequently allows him to reach a favorable resolution without going to trial.

At the same time, Mr. Deniz is an accomplished litigator who is always ready to advocate for his clients in court if a fair agreement cannot be reached.

​Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Case

It is critical to act promptly after an arrest and do not damage your case by speaking with law enforcement officials without your lawyer present. We are ready to help. If you hire Mr. Deniz, you can be assured you will work directly with him.

Call 858-429-9982 or use our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. We will review the facts of your case and recommend an effective course of action.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair, world-renowned American oil well firefighter

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Latest Results

Outcome of case: Dismissed

DUI with a prior, .21% BAC
March 2022

Outcome of case: Wet Reckless

First time DUI, .18% BAC
March 2022

Outcome of case: No custody, no ankle monitoring

3rd time DUI
March 2022

Protect Your License
Challenge the DMV within 10 days of Arrest
Use the DMV hearing to Subpoena Evidence
Fight to Keep Driving

You have only 10 days to request a DMV hearing.

Your license is valid for only 30 days after your DUI arrest.

The DMV hearing and the criminal case are separate.

Make sure your attorney will handle both effectively.