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Proven Approach With Results Forged Through Experience

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License Suspensions & Other Traffic Violations VC 14601

Proven Approach with results forged through Experience. 

Traffic tickets are very inconvenient. San Diego law enforcement has made it a primary responsibility to issue citations to citizens. If you want to fight the ticket, you have to take time off work, appear in court and hope for the best. Often the judge will allow you to ask the police officer questions; however, without formal legal training, you’re not sure how or what you should say.

As a former prosecutor, I have successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases. I have read thousands of police reports. I have extensive training and experience in cross-examination. When you hire me to fight your traffic ticket, you do not need to appear in court. I will handle everything for you. In the past, I have gotten traffic tickets dismissed or reduced. I offer reasonable fees and aggressive, personalized service. Contact The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC today for your free consultation at 858-429-9982.

Suspended License

Your California driver’s license has been suspended, and you really need to find a good solution to the problem. The DMV isn’t much help, and the courts don’t go out of their way to solve these cases, either. Now you have a new court case. You need help to globally resolve this situation once and for all! San Diego prosecutors handle these cases very zealously. I, attorney Mark Deniz, can help you in this situation.

I, Mark Deniz, realize how important your driver’s license is, and will focus on substantial efforts helping you and others globally resolve their driver’s license issues. I understand that your driver’s license is especially important in the San Diego area; if you drive for a living, losing your driver’s license can mean losing your job, as well as your ability to carry out your day-to-day activities.

I am a San Diego suspended license attorney who focuses on the big picture, addressing clients’ license suspension issues once and for all. Contact me, now, at 858-429-9982 to find out what strategies would be effective for you.

Common Driver’s License Suspensions In San Diego

There are many situations that can trigger a driver’s license suspension in San Diego, including:

  • No insurance
  • Failure to report an accident
  • DUI conviction
  • Underage drinking Violation
  • Failure or refusal to take a drug or alcohol test
  • Excessive points on a driving record
  • Vandalism conviction
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Medical conditions
  • Failure to pay child support

In order to be convicted for a violation of driving with a suspended license, the prosecutor must be able to prove that you were driving, show that your license was actually suspended and prove that you had notice that your license was suspended.

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I, a former prosecutor and San Diego suspended license attorney Mark Deniz, carefully examine all circumstances surrounding my clients’ cases, evaluate the legal requirements, and determine the best options and solutions, to help my clients move forward in the right direction.

If you have a driver’s license suspension or have been charged with a suspended license violation,
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