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Inside the Huddle: The firm welcomes Jessica Hull

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2015 | Firm News |

The firm likes to give an inside the huddle look at some of the people who make our firm so special.  Today we will be focusing on our newest Team Member Jessica Hull.

Jessica is coming from the business side having spent a decade working in the corporate world.  Up to this point, the Law Offices of Mark Deniz has looked for its talent on the legal side, working with lawyers, paralegals, and legal interns.  Jessica Hull will be coming in on the business side of the firm.  

Law firm owner Mark Deniz states, “Jessica is an extremely talented person with a good head on her shoulders.  She is a musician and you can see it in her work”.

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Getting to know Jessica:

Fave vacay destination: beach house overlooking Pacific Ocean: Monterey, San Clemente, Bay Area
Fave sports team: California Angels (I’ll always call them that)
Favorite Movie: That Thing You Do
Fave food: Ethiopian Alicha (potatoes & cabbage with ginger & injera – spongy sour teff bread)
Fave way to spend time: marathon naps. During waking hours: dining out & drinking wine.
Why I got into law: As a member to the the firm, this niche of criminal law has become super intriguing to me. I really appreciate how LOMD is simply here to help people get through their situation with ease and dignity. 
We welcome her to the team.
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