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General Criminal Defense

Revenge Porn Defense Attorney Penal Code Section 647(J)(4). Former San Diego Prosecutor explains the charge and how to examine the facts

If you are facing allegations of revenge porn, in violation of California Penal Code Section 647(J)(4), you should contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz.  Prior to opening his law firm, Attorney Mark Deniz was a deputy district attorney for almost 10 years with an intimate knowledge of the various consequences a conviction may cause.  Mark Deniz will aggressively defend your case by exploring every angle and argument to ensure you have the best defense possible.  Contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at (858) 751-4384 to get the ball rolling.

San Diego Theft Defense Attorney. Get the case potentially dismissed. Former San Diego Prosecutor talks about theft crimes in San Diego. PC 484, PC 487, PC 503 Penal CodeTheft, embezzlement charges.

With countless results obtained in shoplifting cases for our clients, we have proven that we can pose defense strategies that work. Prosecutors must show that you had the intent to steal and that it was you who stole the item. You may have been mistakenly identified or lacked intent — and we can prove it.

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