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Doing an SAAU interview and its part in a San Diego DUI case

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One question I always get is “What is SAAU”?  SAAU is going to be a part of most DUI cases.  It usually comes when the case is resolved.  It is one of many “hoops” that usually come with a San Diego DUI.  Part of a good DUI representation is navigating people through the many hoops (that are usually time sensitive).  Our firm strives to get the best results and the smoothest rides through the hoops.  Here is some information on what SAAU is. Call our office at 858-751-4384 for a free consultation and to be proactive.

The Substance Abuse Assessment Unit (SAAU) was implemented to help the judges’ asses and refer defendants into the appropriate programs to help assist them in completing their terms of probation. The SAAU consists of qualified addiction specialists that will help evaluate the level of addiction in the defendant, and determine what the appropriate level of treatment would be. The SAAU can be beneficial for someone who has substance abuse issues and can offer them help.  The Law Office of Mark Deniz assists its clients in this process.

When someone is arrested for a DUI in San Diego that does not automatically mean that person has a substance abuse problem. However, for those who do, this program helps to find the best programs that will benefit the offender. The SAAU is a powerful tool implemented not only to try to stop the defendant from re-offending, but also to help the offender from any potential substance abuse problems that are occurring, or may occur in the future.

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Substance Abuse Assessment Unit (SAAU)


The Substance Abuse Assessment Unit (SAAU) was implemented by the court in 1994 in an effort to assist the judges in assessing and referring defendants into appropriate programs that will assist them in completing their terms of probation.

The SAAU is staffed by addiction specialists qualified to assess and evaluate levels of addiction and determine appropriate levels of treatment.

Contact Information

The SAAU is located in the Criminal Division at the following locations:

Central Division 

Diego, CA 92101

North County Division 

S. Melrose Dr.  Vista,
CA  760-201-8600

South County Division 

Third Ave.  Chula
Vista, CA 91910   619-746-6419

East County Division

E. Main St.  El
Cajon, CA 92020 619-456-4194

Questions regarding referral to the SAAU

Who is referred to SAAU?

A judge may refer a defendant to the SAAU for assessment and evaluation on any criminal case that may have been committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for assurance that the defendant does not have a drug or alcohol problem.

How do I report to the SAAU?

The SAAU is located in the Criminal Division of the four San Diego County Courthouses.Visit the information booth or kiosk for directions to the unit.

What happens to me when I report to the SAAU?

You will be given a questionnaire regarding current or past drug and alcohol use and treatment.

You will talk to a qualified alcohol and drug assessor who will ask appropriate questions regarding alcohol and drug use, identify patterns of use and who will make an appropriate referral for treatment if necessary.

How do I obtain an extension to enroll in or complete court ordered programs?

You should appear in the Criminal Business Office Monday through Friday to seek extensions on any court ordered probationary term.

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