Can a San Diego DUI affect getting a home loan?

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Can a San Diego DUI affect getting a home loan?

When a DUI attorney fields calls from a prospective client you get a variety of questions that span into virtually every aspect of their llives.  Questions such as:

-Am I going to lose my license?

-Am I going to jail

-Will my job be notified?

-Is this going to be a felony?

Then you get good questions that really show how far reaching a San Diego DUI can be such as:

-Could I lose my license?

– Is a DUI going to afffect me getting a home loan?

I got the last question more than once.  I got the question today from a young lady who is now a client.  I thought I could answer the question with some detail.


A DUI charge potentially has come unitended consequences for someone. One of these sanctions is the court fee.  In most cases, the court will fine you and order you to pay.  Whether a DUI charge affects your ability to get a home loan primarily depends on your compliance with the court.  Although criminal convictions are not part of your credit profile, unpaid fines, court fees and other monetary penalties can be reported as unpaid judgments on your credit history, negatively affecting your credit score.  However, this is true of not paying a speeding ticket as well. 

A home loan application requires that you disclose information to determine whether your financial condition and credit history qualifies you for the loan. The application will most likely include a section that requir