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How to recall a warrant in San Diego. How to handle an Arrest warrant. Clearing a warrant and what needs to be done. San Diego DUI Lawyer Attorney explains

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Firm News |

Our firm fields a lot of calls concerning warrants. An arrest warrant is a scary issue to have hanging over your head.  The good news is there are quick solutions to remedy your issue.  Contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at 858-751-4384 to clear your warrant anywhere in San Diego County.

Someone can be notified they have a warrant.  It can be a letter from the court.  It can be a word the sheriff came by the house.  When you get this notice, you want to handle the warrant.  The reality is some people can go years after getting a warrant issued.  I have also seen people who were picked up and sent to jail with an active warrant less than 24 hours.  You never know.

I get the question, “can I go in myself and clear the warrant”?  Sure.  I have been in the criminal courts since 2003.  Sometimes someone can walk in and set the appointment and a few days later they see the judge.  Some clerks are nice.  Other times, the clerk contacts the sheriff and someone is arrested.  I personally would not risk getting arrested.  The key is to contact an attorney who will get your warrant recall on calendar and cleared as soon as possible.  Contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz, now to get the ball rolling.

Let me give you two examples of warrants being issued in San Diego that illustrate the danger of receiving a warrant.

People move. Never received information. Did not have financial information.

Be proactive. We will discuss how later.

Scenario #1- A guy gets into a fight in Pacific Beach. He gets a citation at the scene to come to court six weeks later. He goes to court and they say his name is not on file. He is told by the clerks that the prosecution will notify him if he needs to go to court. What happened is the prosecution wanted to see video and after a few months they finally decide to issue charges. The prosecution sends a letter to the guy. The letter gets caught up in his junk mail. A warrant is issued when he does not show up for court.

Scenario #2- A girl pled guilty to a wet reckless charge. A few months later the girl loses her job. As a result, she does not pay her fine that month.  As she skips a month in hopes of getting the money together a warrant goes out for her arrest due to non compliance.

These are just a few of several ways a San Diego warrant can be issued on a person. It is a goal of that person to recall the warrant as soon as possible. You do not want to be heading home and get stopped for speeding, only to find you are about to be arrested, car towed, and taken to jail.

If you do feel you have a San Diego Warrant here is what you do:

1. Check the San Diego Sheriff Website to make sure you have a warrant.

2. Clear up the issue in the warrant as soon as possible.

3. Hire an attorney to clear the warrant.

I will say this….hiring an attorney for the warrant is a good idea. If you go to court yourself to recall the San Diego warrant and the judge denies it or does not like the reason a warrant was issued you can wind up in jail. Now, if you miss a payment for a fine this is unlikely, but the longer the time the warrant was issued and the reason for the non compliance will likely determine the courts inclination in recalling warrants.

When a judge sees a private attorney they know you are serious about ensuring your compliance with the court. I will place some more information below. If you have a warrant do not wait…..act immediately.

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