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Vote for no bail lost. So how is a “fair” bail amount determined in California? This is especially so on San Diego Domestic Violence cases. San Diego Defense Attorney explains. What is bail? You cannot get the money back. Get a bail review hearing when bail set high

Have a former Prosecutor on your side.  If you have been arrested in San Diego County and need the best possible outcome contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at (858) 751-4384.

You can face drugged driving charges – even from drugs that are legal. VC23152(F) This includes San Diego Pot Marijuana DUIs. San Diego Former Prosecutor and Defense Attorney Lawyer explains about Marijuana and Prescription DUIs

With an impaired driving conviction on your record, moving on with your life can be a challenge. It may be more difficult for you to find employment or be accepted to college. Banks may be less likely to give you a loan, and landlords may be less willing to rent you an apartment. This one mistake can follow you for years, until you expunge it from your record.  

San Diego Hit and Run Defense Attorney Lawyer. How to handle a hit and run situation. VC 20002 VC 20001. Former San Diego Prosecutor explains how to potentially get the case dismissed. Police tow car in hit and run. Get hit and run case dismissed without court

You’ve been in a traffic accident in San Diego, and maybe it wasn’t your fault. You may have panicked, or didn’t know where to stop or whom to contact, and you left the scene of a collision without exchanging information with the other driver. Maybe you felt like you had to get out of the situation. Heck, you may not have even realized an accident occurred. What do you do now? Call attorney Mark Deniz.

Felony DUI in San Diego for having previous DUIs? DUI with priors getting a fourth driving under the influence offense in San Diego? How your driving history can affect your San Diego DUI charges. How to handle and beat a DUI with priors. Former San Diego Prosecutor explains

When there is a felony DUI due to priors, it is the ghost of the past that makes it serious to elevate it to a felony.  It’s common for repeat traffic offenses to result in increased penalties. In California, DUI offenses are typically charged as misdemeanors – assuming no one else was injured as a result.

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