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Good news for expungement continues

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Expungement |

For those who have criminal records, expungement likely seems like an appetizing opportunity. No matter how set someone is on turning their life around, many of life’s opportunities can feel like they are behind closed doors. Whether it be difficulty acquiring a job or even housing, premature defeat can be pervasive for many who are simply trying to live their own lives. This can feel especially grueling when one is trying to provide for a family, or if one’s job requires a particular license.

You may have heard in recent months and even days about expungement news in California. In February, a bill was introduced that, if passed, could provide sealed records for millions of people across the state. One of the reasons being that it would help people with lesser criminal records acquire housing and employment. Recently, Santa Clara County wiped out thousands of marijuana convictions. Similarly, these convictions were at a low-level. News like this can provide a source of comfort. After all, who knows what it could mean for the future of expungements?

And perhaps the future of expungement news will continue down a positive path. Hope can be strong, but the need for a job is certain. The need to provide for one’s family is certain. It can be frustrating to see expungement progress assist others while one feels left in the dust. This is especially true when one seeks a licensed job that requires no criminal history at all. Learning more about the process of expungement can be valuable, and provide a better sense of what helpful resources are available. Because, after all, in the ups and downs of life, everyone could use some good news for themselves.

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