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How a hardship license can keep you on the road after a DUI arrest. Getting a San Diego restricted licesnse

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | DUI |

For most DUI offenses, perhaps the harshest part of the sentence is losing your driver’s license. Without a legal license, you cannot drive to work, take your kids to school, or run most errands yourself — at least, not without risking an arrest for driving on a suspended license.

Under California law, a first-offense conviction for DUI (with no refusals) means the state Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driver’s license for six or ten months. In addition, the DMV usually enacts its own suspension separate from the courts.  Most people in San Diego would risk losing their jobs and independence if they cannot legally drive for that long. It is imperative to find solutions that not only keep you on the road but also satisfy the requirements of both the courts and the DMV.

Your restricted driver’s license options

Some people decide to give up driving during the suspension period.  If that is not possible for you, then a restricted/hardship/provisional license is the best for you.  A restricted license (also known as a hardship license) restores some (or all) of your driving privileges based on certain conditions. For one version of the restricted license, you voluntarily install an IID in your car and enroll in a DUI program and a few other conditions. In exchange, you can drive anywhere you like.

The other version does not require an IID, but you are only allowed to drive to and from work or as part of your job. Besides that, you can only legally drive to your DUI program. This type of restricted license lasts for 12 months. After that, you can apply for full license reinstatement if you have completed the other requirements, such as completing the DUI program.

Getting your license back as soon as possible is a top priority for most people facing DUI charges in San Diego. It is imperative to find solutions that not only keep you on the road but also satisfy the requirements of both the courts and the DMV. Figuring out the best way to go about it will help you get started.  Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at (858) 751-4384.

A note:  For those people who have pleaded guilty in court and are needing help with obtaining a restricted license or have general questions, you want to contact the California DMV drivers safety office at (916) 657-6525.  Our firm works exclusively with handling DMV matters as PART of a client’s pending DUI matter.  We do not handle DMV matters alone.  Have a great day.

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