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I have a DUI in San Diego…should I get an attorney or go with a Public Defender? San Diego DUI Attorney Lawyer explains

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It is a very common occurrence in San Diego County.

Someone gets a DUI here in San Diego.  They get out of jail and do not want to go back in.  They have a court date, their driver’s license was taken away and they now have a pink slip.  The clock is ticking as they ponder whether or not to obtain an attorney.  Money is always a factor.

I hear this all the time.  I understand the dilemma.  Someone even may have a friend who had a DUI once, and they are saying there is no need to get a lawyer.  They say to use a Public Defender (I will talk about them later).

San Diego DUIs have changed a lot in the last few years.  In the last few years some of the changes have been:

1. The court ordering Interlock Ignition Devices.

2. The court ordering ankle monitors (sometimes even before the case resolves if your BAC is high).

There are two factors that have changed the landscape of DUIs here in San Diego and California.

1. Technology has made it easier to push devices that stop people from drinking.

2. Accidents from DUIs have increased over the years.

With all this being said, the question remains whether someone should get an attorney.

Do I need an attorney?

The first question is whether someone needs to get an attorney.  Here are instances of when people need representation:

– They need to drive for their work or life.

– They obtain or are working to obtain a professional license.  This includes nurses, doctors, teachers, working for the government, real estate agents, doctors, lawyers, obtaining a series 7, etc.

– They are in a profession where a criminal conviction impacts the job.

– Someone wants to enter a military base.

If any of these pertain to you, then obtaining an attorney is an investment in getting you the best results possible.

Should I just use a Public Defender?

I have spent my whole career in the field of criminal law.  I have spent several years as a prosecutor negotiating with defense attorneys.  Public Defenders have been some of the best.  The one consistent I have seen with Public Defenders assigned to misdemeanors is they are very busy.  Their scenario reminds me of emergency room doctors on new years eve.  When I walk into court to negotiate a case that I have had for months, the public defender has a short time to gather 15 of so new cases.  They scan the reports and meet people for the first time.  The process can feel rushed.  Details (which are important in DUIs) get missed.  DUIs have enough of an impact that you want to obtain a San Diego DUI Lawyer.  


For most people, getting back on the road is important.  The Public Defenders cannot provide information on dealing with the DMV.   In most cases, the DMV hearing comes before your first court date.  You want to subpoena evidence using the DMV hearing.  Contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz to get the ball rolling on your case at 858-751-4384.

Can the Law Offices of Mark Deniz help?

There are many reasons to contact our firm (click on the link to see why).

Our office deals primarily with San Diego County DUIs.  As a former prosecutor here in San Diego, I know how the prosecution works and what can be done in dealing with them to help your case.  This is insight that you cannot go to a conference to obtain.  You want a former prosecutor on your side.


People work hard to build the best life they can.  A San Diego DUI is usually a bump along the road.  The key is to obtain an attorney to ensure to give you the best result possible.  Give yourself peace of mind that you are doing everything that can and needs to be done.  Our firm dedicates itself in navigating clients through the process.  For most, it is their first (and last ) time in the criminal process.  There is only so much googling that can be done.  You want to get a professional who can advocate for you.  Contact the office at 858-751-4384.