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Avoid The Penalties Of A Felony San Diego DUI

Last updated on July 5, 2022

Proven Approach with results forged by Experience. 

Many San Diego County DUI cases involve collisions. The police at the scene are quick to charge someone felony DUI when it may not be the case. The person usually bails out with a substantial bail and a fast approaching court date. The key is to get the ball rolling and be proactive. I want to focus on Felony DUIs, specifically those which involve injuries. Call our office now to be proactive at 858-429-9982.

Any form of driving under the influence (DUI) is serious, but a felony DUI carries particularly heavy consequences. A conviction can make it much more difficult for you to find housing, educational opportunities and a job. If you have been arrested for a felony DUI, you need to work with a knowledgeable and proven attorney.

At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, our founding attorney, Mark Deniz, can help you. As a former prosecutor, he can examine your case and set a path for obtaining the best possible outcome.

What Makes A DUI A Felony?

Most DUIs are misdemeanors. But the presence of certain factors automatically raises them to felonies. These factors include:

  • The injury or death of another person
  • Three or more convictions for DUI in 10 years or less
  • One or more previous convictions for felony DUI

The most common situation is someone is injured.  What constitutes an injury to raise a charge to a felony?  That is the million-dollar question and often the most litigated and examined fact.

If your case involves one or more of these factors, do not lose hope or concede the worst. The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC can present mitigation and defenses to obtain the best possible outcome.

Do you have two strikes under California’s three-strikes law? A conviction for felony DUI could count as another strike against you. Work with The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC for help preventing this.

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At The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC, we provide free initial consultations for felony DUI cases. Contact our firm in San Diego for skilled representation. Have a former prosecutor on your side. Call 858-429-9982 or send an email today.